You will see the term “passion point” quite often throughout our informative pieces. But what are they?

It’s simple, really. Passion points are items or features that you feel you must have at your wedding celebration. These items are very personal, and every bride and groom has their own.

Said another way, your passion point is “the one thing that you’re really fired up about, where you will throw caution to the wind and break the budget because you want it so badly.” The element can easily become the center of the wedding planning process. Most likely the bride and groom will talk about the passion point repeatedly, and guests will know it when they see it!

Examples may include: “The Dress”, cocktail napkin design or color, menu, décor, flowers, food, wine, style of service or location (city vs. barn, urban/modern). Some couples are all about continuing a family tradition, and some focus on a special element connecting the couple in a significant way.


Real Life Passion Points of PalmWood Brides:

  • Olive Oil and Focaccia Bread – This bride and groom were adamant to preset each table with a particular olive oil sourced from the area of their proposal. The house-made focaccia bread was the perfect complement to the special olive oil. To help tell this story, the couple’s menu card explained the details about the oil and bread.
  • The Sunset – This bride was wholly inspired by the idea of having the sunset view available to her guests. Her timeline and activities were all based upon the guests being able to sip champagne after the ceremony as the sun set.  The bride chose PalmWood on that day at that time to accommodate the view at sunset, and we are happy to say the guests loved it! It was the perfect element to be passionate about!
  • Length of Reception – This bride and groom were all about gathering their small group of family & friends together in a meaningful way. This was their main objective; all other details were seemingly unimportant next to this most important goal. They hosted a short reception but had quality time with the few guests there.

Your passion point may look very different from anyone else’s, but it’s worth putting in the time to consider what your passion point truly is. Once you determine that, all the other details of your wedding will fall in place around it!

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