Thanks to the power of social media, wedding guests are connected to wedding and event trends more than ever. Access to the lives of the rich and famous (and consequently, their weddings!), Instagram and Pinterest have served to change guests’ expectations; our threshold for fantasy has increased, and standards are set high as people begin to expect more.

In effect, this means that your wedding guests may be able to better anticipate what will happen next in your wedding. It’s harder than ever to give a wedding the “wow factor” – that intangible element that can help a wedding stand out among guests, knock their socks off, and have them saying for years to come that your wedding was “the absolute best wedding” they’ve ever been to.

Most notably, guests often become “numb” to the typical wedding dinner.

This is why we love roaming dinners. Creating a menu that can also serve as an entertainment component is a remarkable way to enhance the reception!

Roaming food and beverage – where servers drift through the reception with platters of all sorts of different delicacies – allow room for personalized touches for the couple. This style of serving can introduce something new and unique, breaking the status quo of the typical reception where you sit down to a large and formal dinner.

Better yet, roaming menus are all about creating interactive and engaging food presentations.  The roaming menu creates movement during the reception, which builds an intriguing guest experience and stirs conversation and interactions between guests. Talk about a fun wedding experience!

Loving this style? Here’s a few ideas to get you brainstorming potential options:

  • Passed Hors d’oeuvres with thoughtful presentations set the scene and offer delightful small bites for guests. These can be paired with a passed tray of sparkling.
  • Open pizza boxes passed by black tie servers adds a touch of whimsy and the unexpected.
  • Oyster Shuckers from Oysters XO walking through the party shucking oysters is an incredible option.
  • A server walking around in a champagne gown is definitely a grand touch!

Obviously, there are any number of creative ideas that you could come up with for your own personal roaming menu reception. Write down your favorite ideas and talk with your venue coordinator and caterers about what’s possible. We promise that this wedding choice will definitely give your wedding the “wow” factor and delight your guests for years to come!

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Roaming Menus and the Wow Factor