Weddings that run smoothly from beginning to end don’t happen all on their own. It takes a great deal of effort, planning and – quite frankly – work to plan and execute a great wedding.  Wedding celebrations are a complex social gathering tied to heavy emotions and a budget. Throw in family dynamics and you have a daunting list of elements to juggle.  Thankfully, wedding planners do exist, and they are there to help you strategically solve your wedding problems!

When meeting with a planner or potential vendors who will play a large role in your special day, consider preparing these items to bring to your initial meeting:


Inspiration photos and/or vision board

These items will help guide the planner or vendor to understand your vision and overall theme. Vision Boards could be as simple as a Pinterest board, a saved Instagram collection or a digital photo gallery.


3 things you love and 3 things you dislike most about weddings you have seen or attended

This isn’t a bash on your friend’s taste; rather, it is a tool to help get the planner to understand your taste, style and overall approach that they should be looking to help you create. Ask your future spouse – or even your parents, if they are highly involved – to share theirs, as well.  The more alignment at this point, the better and easier the planning process will be!


Your “passion points

Be prepared to share a list of items you have your heart set on, such as using a DJ from your best friend’s wedding or perhaps renting a vintage car for your send-off. Your passion points will be unique to you, but be sure to share them with your wedding planner so that the “must-have’s” are definitely included in the plans.

* Pro Tip!: Keep a wish list of your wedding favorites written down somewhere. There is a good chance the list will change, so keep it close – perhaps on your phone or a digital sharing service – as your ideas evolve. We love Evernote, but Google Docs will work, too! While meeting with your planner, you can reference it to help you plan. (Plus, it will be sweet to go back and see it even after your wedding!)

A list of your already-booked vendors

If you’ve already booked vendors – such as your venue or catering – before ever meeting with your planner, be sure to bring a list of your vendors, their contact information, and the components they are going to provide during your celebration. This will eliminate double effort and will help the planner to grasp your tastes.


Already-planned wedding details

If you have already picked out your color palette, bring it with you! Bought your wedding dress already? Bring a photo of it! Letting your planner know what you’ve already chosen will really showcase the desired feel of the wedding and will make a huge impact on the rest of the details to be planned.

With these items prepared and in tow, your first meeting with your wedding planner will certainly go smoothly!

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5 Things to Bring to Your First Meeting with Your Wedding Planner