Let’s face it: we all love one trend or another. In fact, there are probably lots of trends we’re fans of, and it’s easy to try to incorporate all of them into a wedding at once. However, it’s important to incorporate trends with some sense of moderation, otherwise you run the risk of looking dated a few years down the road. And you should love your wedding choices decades from now because they speak of you as a couple.

Thus, we wanted to provide our best tips for incorporating your favorite trends into your wedding while still making it feel authentic and original:


Choose 1 or 2 favorite trends, and stick to those.

If you just absolutely love unique alter pieces or acrylic invitations, don’t let the fear of “being too trendy” hold you back. Choose the trends that you love and that speak of your overall story as a couple. We simply suggest prioritizing the trends you love and sticking with the top 1 or 2 to incorporate. This way, you’ll look modern for the time, but not dated in the future.


Incorporate a common hobby between you and your partner.

You and your partner undoubtedly hold a common interest or hobby. To help your wedding feel unique, emphasize that common interest somehow in your wedding.

Do you both love rock climbing? Incorporate your adventure pictures into your reception! Are you both music fanatics? Work with your DJ or band to incorporate a playlist you will both love.

As guests attend your wedding, they’ll certainly think, “This is so them!!”


Use some wedding staples.

Having some element of the familiar will also help balance the trend-to-non-trend ratio. Incorporate some wedding staples such as bud vases, floral arrangements, or a flower girl with rose petals. These are timeless classics that everyone will love.


Current Wedding Trends

Of course, we can’t have an article about trends without highlighting a few! Here’s some we’re loving right now:

  • Stellar lighting. In the words of Donnie Brown, “Lighting is critical. It’s the lipstick of the event.”
  • Epic Balloons. Whether that’s a giant balloon installment or a single statement balloon, balloon art is hot right now (and we’re okay with that)!
  • Love Letters. This is a more sentimental trend, and that is perfectly appropriate, as it is a wedding! Whether your love letters take the form of actual, handwritten letters to your partner or giant lightbox letters that spell something sweet, incorporating statements of love in multiple places of your wedding is certainly a special touch!
  • Creative Gifting. Weddings are a big event, and it takes many loving, devoted people to make it all happen! Say a special thank-you with a creative, customized gift. Whether that be a welcome box for out-of-town guests, engraved wine glasses or bridesmaid proposal boxes, putting thought into how to say I appreciate you will make your friends, family and helpers feel all the more special. We love this company for customizable gift boxes!
  • Coffee Bars. Late night pick-me-ups will help your guests celebrate with you all night long, and a specialized coffee bar is just the way to ensure the energy runs high!

Which are your favorite trends of the day?

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How to Incorporate Wedding Trends (Without Going Overboard)