Your wedding day is coming up, and there’s a lot to think about. We know! Our events team has over 45 years of experience helping plan and execute amazing wedding days, so we’ve seen our fair share of both calm, collected nearlyweds and oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-everything-important couples. Obviously, we want to help you be the first type of couple so your wedding day is as stress-free as possible. And in our experience, one major help on your wedding day is a Wedding Emergency Kit.

A Wedding Emergency Kit is packed full of those tiny little items that will make your wedding day largely more enjoyable and stress-free. (It really is the little things that make the most difference!)

But what items are the most useful to have on hand? Based on our experience, here’s what you should include in your Wedding Emergency Kit:


  • List of all vendors and phone numbers. While we love working with vendors, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Traffic, weather, and a host of other occurrences can cause shakeups in the timeline. Having a list of all your vendors and their contact information will help you – or your helpers! — stay in touch with all the right people as needed.
  • Backup makeup. A wedding is a long, fun and physical event! Having backup makeup to touch up right before you walk down the aisle or finish dancing the night away will help you look your best all night long.
  • Baby Wipes. Speaking of backup makeup, baby wipes are helpful in this area, as well! Lipstick smudge? Baby wipe. Sparkles all over your fingers? Baby wipe. Really, there’s so many uses.
  • Deodorant. This one may be self-explanatory, but with so much to think about, it’s definitely a must on your list!
  • Hair Pins. Wind, dancing, you name it. Having extra hair pins in place will help you keep that fancy hairstyle you worked so hard on!
  • Manicure set with clear nail polish. Up close photos of your ring means your nails will be on full display! Make sure they stay looking their best with a backup manicure set.
  • Sewing Kit. This can fix so many things. Definitely a must-have!
  • White Chalk or Baby Powder. As weird as these items may sound to have in your wedding emergency kit, they are perfect for covering up stains in your wedding dress or other important fabrics.!
  • Safety Pins. Help anything stay in place with these.
  • Straws.You’ll need to stay hydrated on the big day; use a straw to sip from so you can keep your lipstick smudge-free.


The above items have so many expected (and unexpected!) uses on your wedding day! You can pack your own wedding emergency kit or even simply order a ready-made one.

Even better, these items are great to have on your honeymoon, too! On both occasions, you’ll be happy you packed one so you can stay calm & collected when the unexpected strikes.

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Wedding Emergency Kit Ideas