“Your cake is one of the most anticipated elements of a wedding”

– Alyssa Longobucco, The Knot Texas Spring/Summer 2019


There are a lot of characteristics of a wedding cake: flavor, style, tier count, design. And each differing element serves to reflect the wed couple’s particular taste and style, whether it be classic or more eccentric, grand or minimalistic. It’s no wonder that the wedding cake is one of the most photographed elements of wedding, or that the cake cutting is a ritual that has persisted generation to generation.

While the wedding cake is typically a staple, many couples also choose to bring in a second cake, typically known as the groom’s cake. And this is where many couples choose to get creative! There’s no reason to feel obligated to pick up the standard German chocolate cake! Instead, you might consider some more personalized options. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:


Cake “Doppelgangers”

These are desserts that mimic the shape of a traditional cake but may be made of something less customary. Perhaps you serve a macaroon tower that reflects your color palette, or pile profiteroles and donuts in tiers, instead.


Cake Pops

You may love the taste of cake but don’t want the formality of a second cake. Cake pops are a great way to add a nod to the groom’s taste. The lollipop style treat is small but mighty!


Treasured Family Recipes

Perhaps your grandmother, mom or Great Aunt’s chocolate cream pie is at every family gathering and your family looks forward to it every year. Incorporate that recipe in your planning! Most caterers will use your family recipes so you can add a touch of your childhood or honor a relative who has passed. Consider the staples: pies, brownies, biscuits or cookies.


Dessert Stations

Dessert stations are rather popular and help create engaging movement during your reception. A s’mores station can create fun moments for your guests, or have your guests pick out a comfy bowl of cereal as a treat! Doughnut walls are pretty and taste PRETTY SWEET, too!


Ethnic Desserts

Ethnic desserts can help incorporate different cultural influences into a wedding. This is especially powerful if the couple comes from differing cultural backgrounds. Choose your favorites (we love churros and sopapillas!), and we promise they’ll enhance any wedding reception!


Ice Cream, Etc.

Ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt carts bring a whimsical touch to any reception and create carefree moments for your guests. Even better, these carts are simple to roll in and out so they can be arranged for a short time period.


Brunch Beauties

Hosting a wedding brunch? Arrange a hefty size cinnamon roll for you and your groom, and pass mini cinnamon roll poppers to your guests! Or maybe you love sugar cookies; order Balanced Breakfast iced sugar cookies that look like eggs and bacon – the perfect pair for brunch!

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